3/9/2014 - KG7HQ Website, New look and feel

Today I rolled out the fouth generation of this website. Upgrading to Drupal 7 from Drupal 6 has gone well but some minor pains. As of right now my local weather doesn't display correctly and I have lost my function for photo albums. But with that mentioned, it does have a fresh and current look and feel.
I'm using my website as the test platform before moving forward with http://www.nwarrl.wetnet.net/ and http://www.rasconline.org/ . If there were to be major problems I'd rather identify them here and learn how to work out the bugs before imapcting a true supporting website.
The photos on my front page are of my own. This will create a unique look as not to dupliucate what others have put in place before me. I think of it as an artistic apporach.
Well, I have a lot to do so I'm closing this with a 73 and good DX to all.