5/26/09 - Coming soon!! "The Northwest’s Largest Ham Convention"

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kg7hq Tue, 05/26/2009 - 02:07

It's less than 10 days away and counting!

Yes, it's that time of year where amateur radio operators from around the region gather at Seaside, Oregon to attend the 27th annual SEAPAC Convention. Last year we had it a little rough as the weather wasn't playing nice with cooler temperatures and rain. Of course this is the Pacific Northwest and it takes a lot more than that to dampen the spirits of dedicated ham operators!

This years event, spanning from June 5th through June 7th, has much to offer keeping the attendees lists high. With the free seminars on Saturday, this year they will also be offering four free 90 minute seminars on Friday. In addition, there will be a seminar on Sunday morning on Antenna types for portable use during an emergency with commentary on the operating characteristics of each type. All of our seminars are free to all registered convention attendees. Cool stuff!
And let's not forget the swap meet and all the treasures one can find as you cruise through the many roles of vendors and friends. Darn it!! I want to leave and go there now!

I'll personally be hooking up with the WETNET Group as we also bring forth our own version of amateur radio (Geek Style). This is where we show and tell our gadgets and concepts, seeding and inspiring each other into some really cool projects.

During the times which I have spare, I will be operating my FT-817ND digital QRP from either the beach or motel room. Being equipped with a Buddipole and 350 foot of wire, I can pretty much setup anywhere. So if for some chance you cannot attend in person, you can attend in spirit via RF.

And wait!!! That's not all....

You will also see my APRS systems operating from down there as I deploy systems running Xastir and Maemo Mapper as clients. So be on the look out for the callsigns of KG7HQ (Laptop), KG7HQ-9 (Mobile) and KG7HQ-12 (Nokia N810).