6/15/09 - 145.190/R (N7GDE) Update

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kg7hq Mon, 06/15/2009 - 15:42

The Lyman Hill site is being worked on!
I received a nice status updated from Roger (W6TOZ)today. From the following, it appears that in a short period, we will have some additional work done on the repeater system.
"Day wireless believes that our antenna replacement work should begin in about two weeks - around the last week of June. I am going to move the 300-ft roll of 7/8 Heliax and the corresponding connectors to the Day Wireless shop this week. Day has the big vehicles for transporting a 20-ft box of antenna and the 6-ft diameter coil of Heliax to Lyman - much better so than my Ford Explorer, or Lonnie's P/U truck. The precise time and day that the antenna replacement will take place is chiefly dependent on the tower crew's work load and schedule. We have no influence on that schedule. We can only be prepared, like a bunch of boy scouts or ARES 1st responders, to get the max work done when DAY presents the opportunity."
"The repeater will be down for a daylight 12 hr (max) period for antenna replacement (AR) on one day near June 31st or July 1 whichever comes 1st."
There you have it from Roger. We are looking forward towards the system performing like in the yesteryear.