6/20/09 - Skagit County Hams Starting a New Net

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kg7hq Sat, 06/20/2009 - 03:41

As with all good groups, ideas on how to attract new individuals is a way of keeping the membership fresh.

This is the case here in Skagit County Washington. The locale ARES/RACES team is going to experiment with a new HF net on 75 Meters. The intent is to have an secondary frequency available during the times of emergent crisis. It also serves as a means to expand the readiness of the local amateur radio operators by having them prepared and trained for HF operations. In addition, this takes place on an alternate day of the week allowing those who miss the main ARES/RACES check in to still participate. Note that though not mentioned in the email discussions, this most likely will be a directed net. Visitors will be asked to check in towards the end unless otherwise stated by the net control.

Like all nets, they may have to shift around date/times and frequencies to find a consistent clean spot till firmly established.....

Date/Time Primary Freq Seconday Freq Secondary Alt
Thurday: 7:00PM PST 3822.5KHz 3825.0KHz 3820.0KHz