6/24/09 - Website Updates...

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kg7hq Wed, 06/24/2009 - 07:06

This has been really Cool!

If you hadn't noticed, this site is continuing to grow. I was wondering what I should do with the site. I was trying to give it a mission in support of the communications hobby. But with my perception of this site lacking an identity, I have given it the personality which is attracting new people.

Yesterday, the site passed a new milestone. Scott (N7SS) posted the first comment on the site. Now to most out here on the Internet, this isn't something special. But to me, it shows that others are wanting to have a voice too. And to me, that is what communications is all about!

I started to do some site cleanup and re-organization. With the collection of articles growing and the potential for members to comment, I thought it would be better served to have things broken out better.

So as you read the articles and information presented here, you have an opportunity to make comment or expand on those thoughts. All you need is to register on this site. Don't forget that your user ID will be your callsign. I will verify your account to keep the unwanted spam off this site.

Happy surfing!