7/4/09 - The Latest on the 145.190/R Antenna Replacement Dates

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kg7hq Sat, 07/04/2009 - 04:57

From the most recent Email sent out by Roger (W6TOZ)...

The real news is that Wednesday, July 8th, Day Wireless and the RASC technical team is going to Lyman Peak to replace the 145.19/r repeater antenna and coaxial cable. Anticipated problems are being handled. Unanticipated problems might cause a days delay till Thursday. But, there is a very positive attitude and I don't think we're gonna have any desperate problems.

On Wednesday, the Morning net will be unaffected. The repeater will go down when safety dictates it go down and that should be Wednesday 10AM ish at the earliest. A shutdown message will be transmitted from the site at the time we bring it down.

Announcements should be made on the repeater between now and Wednesday about the planned repeater outage. Yes Dwayne, this announcement you can make on the radio!.

Steve WA7ETE will be able to conduct the ARES net on the new configuration Wednesday evening. Also, on thursday, the morning net will have something to talk about REALLY.

I am confident that signal strengths should go up at many outlying receiver sites. But the coverage issue is not very predictable. Any changes in coverage will have to be determined by folks in the perimeter of the coverage area reporting in either increase or decrease in signal strength. Obviously, I hope that someone in the South Hill of Puyallup, using a 5-watt handheld and an2M Isopole will be full quieting into the reconfigured repeater. We can hope, can we not?