In search of a ham-friendly rental

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k7ip Wed, 08/05/2009 - 13:21

I was deeply disturbed last week by the appearance of the house on Whidbey that I used to own showing up on Craig's List as a rental. Not that it's a rental, the house is quite ideal for that and has been remodeled since I owned it. It's the timing. I'm still tied to Everett for another two months of lease, and as much as I'd love to get back to what I consider my real home, I doubt that it will sit vacant waiting for me. There's always hope for a miracle, I suppose...

Meantime, I'm starting to haunt the typical places to find rentals. I'm looking for something on the order of a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath house in north Snohomish or south Skagit or Island Counties for under $1200 a month. Preferably in a not-drug-infested neighborhood, and a nice rural setting. My last period of time in Washington taught me very well that I'm truly a country boy at heart. Instead of feeling inconvenienced by life on Whidbey Island and it's necessary link to Washington State Ferries, I enjoyed the pace and solitude of that magnificent strip of land between Admiralty Inlet and Saratoga Passage.

I do need to resolve an issue with my daughter/roommate, who wants to move much closer to Seattle. I enjoy having her around and would miss her, but at 25 she really does need to find a decent life of her own and not be tied to a grouchy parent.

08/17 update

Craig's list yielded a great sounding small house on Lake Ki, about 25 miles north of Everett. I took a swing out there on Friday afternoon, and although the house looked great, it appeared to be the guest house of a larger nearby home. What put me off, though, was the parking situation. There appeared to be no convenient way to park one vehicle, let alone two, near enough to not have to carry furniture up and down an substantial bank. Took a pass on that one - the hunt continues. We go on month-to-month in October, so I'll be able to move more quickly in about two or three weeks. The Whidbey house was still listed, though!

09/28 Update

Hard to believe over a month has passed again. This time the search for new digs is in earnest. The old lease goes on month-to-month as of 0ct 31, so there's some urgency. My old house is no longer listed, but found a similar one in Langley for the same price. It looks VERY promising from a purely residential standpoint. No idea about hamming, but the pictures show a lot of tall pines around to sling stealth wires into. Negotiating to go see it at this point, so who knows? There were also some possibilities in Marysville, but I do have this built-in Whidbey bias!

04/01 Update

Not just a month, but nearly six months now. There is a change of venue to report. While the location is in a nice subdivision, and is not just antenna discouraging, but antenna phobic and antenna antagonistic. The location is superb, though, being at very nearly the top of the highest spot on Camano Island. I suspect that I'm going to be come something of an authority on stealth and portable antennas. Although this should be a fairly long-term move, the search for a permanent self-owned, rural, antenna farm continues.