8/11/09 - Washington State DNR Site Repeater Questions

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kg7hq Tue, 08/11/2009 - 02:04

I received this from Jim Pace (K7CEX) Section Manager, Western Washingon. Keep an eye on the Western Washington Section Web for additional information.

No doubt, many of you have heard reports that the Washington State
Department of Natural Resources has a plan to sell off some of their
Mountain Top assets (towers, buildings and equipment -- not the land)
to a commercial company or companies. The reports are true, and
members of the ARRL Western Washington Section Staff have been working
with DNR and some Legislators since the end of June, to determine just
what impact this move will have on Amateur Radio repeaters located on
DNR sites.

The DNR issue touches more than just Amateur Radio Repeaters;
Washington State Patrol, many County Sheriffs and other agencies who
lease space from DNR, will be impacted, making this more than an
Amateur Radio concern. The selling off of State of Washington Assets
in order to raise funds to help budgets ... seems to make the matter a
'Taxpayer' concern.

The time is coming when we will ask you all to get involved on behalf
of Amateur Radio. But for now, just get prepared. Find the numbers
and addresses for the Legislators who represent the District you live
in and be prepared to get involved in a letter writing and phone call

At this time, there is a Statute on the books that provides for funds
from the Legislature, to fund all of the DNR site leases for repeaters
used for Emergency Communications, except for $100.00 per year. Of
course, this Law can be amended by the same body -- but as I said, it
is there now, so at this time nothing changes.

More information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, so stand by
and be prepared to help.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me at:


Jim Pace K7CEX
ARRL Section Manager
Western Washington