8/13/09 - Verizon.net changes and The Evolution E-mail Client

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kg7hq Thu, 08/13/2009 - 06:41

I know this is off topic from the typical Amateur Radio and Communications topics. But since I hadn't seen this posted anywhere, I thought I throw this out for others to use.

Many of us use Ubuntu Linux as our Operating System (OS) of choice. And with Gnome being the default Desktop many use Evolution as our E-mail client. For the most part, this works perfectly find for my daily usages from different accounts.
Now comes the change from Verizon. They are in the process of changing over the default SMTP mail port from “25” to “587”. This is to help deduce unauthorized usage of their networks for spamming and increase securing (through obscurity) for the subscribing client.
Now to the informed, this is at best a short term solution to what is a global problem. It is like placing a piece of tape on a leaking balloon.... Slowing down the escaping air but not fixing it. But with that said, they are at least trying.
I went to their pages and found some very basic information that covered Outlook and Outlook Express mail clients. But I also found that though the mentioned other mail clients, the links were broken going to them. And there was nothing on Evolution which is used by a mass majority of Ubuntu users. In addition, I didn't find a "Menu Option" to select these changes. So the below is how I addressed the upcoming from Verizon.net.
So Lets step through this quickly so you don't loose your email service from this ISP!
1.Lets open Evolution. Please refer to the three attached images
2.On the top menu bar... Select “Edit” then “Preferences”
3.With the Evolution Preferences window open, select your Verizon account, then the “Edit” button on the right.
4.You will have your Account Editor window displaying. Now select the “Sending Email” tab.
5.Under server configuration, change this to “outgoing.verizon.net:587” (Without the quotes).
6.Select OK and close out the rest of the windows.
7.Now this isn't mandatory, but I always close the program and restart it fresh to make sure all the changes take place.
8.Send yourself an e-mail. If this goes through, your client should be ready to go!

I hope this helps you out as changes like this take place.