10/16/09 - 900MHz back up on Lyman Hill!

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kg7hq Fri, 10/16/2009 - 06:32

After a long absence off of Lyman hill, the 927.6875/R is back up and running.

The W7UMH/R fell victim to the harsh conditions of the repeater site a couple of years ago. The amateur radio community had lost many of it's resources after a chain of weather related events crippled the repeater site. Slowly, after years of efforts by many different groups, the site has slowly recovered from that harsh season.

Now with the new tower erected and equipment being re-installed, the site is blossoming back to life in time for the 2009-2010 winter season. From the user perspective.... We say "Thank You"!!

The 927.6875/R is one of the best 900Mhz systems available in Northwest Washington State. I have used this system from King County North into Whatcom County with just a Kenwood handheld.

I encourage you to check into this facet of amateur radio. It is a quiet band allowing for experimentation and additional knowledge of UHF RF propagation.