11/7/09 - In Memory of KD7NM (Robert Donnell)

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kg7hq Tue, 11/10/2009 - 17:26

This article is written in memory of Bob Donnell (KD7NM). With sudden events, it has been difficult to capture how Bob influenced our local community. Bob's life revolved around community and public service with willingness to donate technical expertise and personal time. His love of all things digital and sense of community were truly inspirational and in tradition of the spirit of amateur radio. Notes and memories collected below were gathered at the Wetnet Brunch on 11/4/09.

NOTE: This page is under edit as I compile reflections and thoughts. Please feel free to Email me direct or log into this site and add addition comments, thoughts and reflections.

For a photo galley capturing years of friendship and service, please visit
"Memories in Time... Bob Donnell (KD7NM) SK".

Present were members of Bob's family. Ham operators present were:


In total, there were in excess of 35 individuals gathered to share in Bob's memories, a tribute to his selfless contributions.

Many have reflected that Bob was the technical thread that has helped keep this and other groups together. His ability to interface and willingness to lend a hand on short notice was one of his core attributes. "Always there in time of need". We are at Big Daddy's in Woodinville, WA. This location is where Bob comes to help set-up evening recordings of groups on stage. It is another facet of him that many didn't know of.

Happy to share his wealth of knowledge and a key leader in the early packet radio net development in the early mid-1980's.

On the beach at Seaside, Bob provided many with life long memories. One of which being noted for his famous "Mudslide" drinks which became the standard.

A love life and willingness to share in it. Engaged youth while sharing his passion for technologies.

Mild mannered and very considerate. A very special friend.

Always had a good answer to difficult questions. A right hand man in the community, as in public service events like the American Lung Association Bike-A-Thon (from Seattle to San Diego) and the MS 150.

Anything Bob took on as a project, he went the extra mile to make sure it was completed right the first time. Quick witted and true to his word.

Bob served as the 44.24.XX.XX domain coordinator. For many here in the digital community, he was our mentor into programs like NOS and JNOS and TCP/IP technologies.

Active on the 146.97 Repeater in the mid-1970's. Instigator of the Wetnet Field Day events and always donated his room at Seaside, OR as the gathering place for . Was the instigator of having Field Day at N7RIG's house.

Good/bad was if you asked Bob a technical question you would get a answer that went well over most peoples head.

Was involved with assembling and installing repeaters systems around the Puget Sound. Helped get youth involved in Amateur Radio.

Bob was a "Can-Do" guy. If one gives a single sentence answer, Bob could come back with a 3 paragraph detailed wrap up.

Submitted by Doug (K7IP)

*** My Friend...***


Good day every one. Mr. Dan Good and I met with Pastor Craig Smith-KC7 UF

The Memorial Service will start at 17:00 HRS (5 pm) Saturday 11/21/2009.
There will be a Reception after the Memorial Service.

Pastor Craig Smith's church:



2721-164th St SW


We will need at least 6 RACES member to arrive at the church around 16:00
HRS (4 pm) Saturday to help set up the church for the memorial Service and
Reception. Please contact me if you can help out Saturday at the church.

We will also need folks to help clean up the church after the reception to
prepare the church for Sunday morning Services.

Folks that would like to say something during the Memorial Service for
Bob-KD7NM, please contact me via E-mail.

I have had many of our wonderful RACES members wanting to help out with the
food. Here is what Pastor Smith, Dan and I came up with:

1/ A Casserole Dish.

2/ Chicken.

3/ Any main Course meal that will help with the casserole and chicken meal.

4/ Salads.

5/ Rolls.

Mr. Dan Good is supplying the coffee and tea.

Anyone wanting to help out with the food please contact me via E-mail so we
can arrange who will bring which meal etc.

We believe a large number of folks will be attending the Memorial Service
for Bob-KD7NM; we will need a large supply of food for the reception.

Does any one have any of the music group "YES" CD's? Please contact Mr. Dan
Good if you do have these CD's.

Please pass the word to other Ham's out side of ESCA-RACES and inform them
of the Memorial Service for Bob Donnell-KD7NM this Saturday 11/21/2009 at
17:00 HRS (5 pm).

Thank you,


Kerry Field-KE7ODS

ESCA-RACES Radio Officer.

While I did not know Bob nearly as well as a lot of others in the Puget Sound amateur radio community, I very much would have liked to.

To me, Bob was tremendously intelligent, quick witted, technologically fearless and above all, a very generous soul. His absence will be felt by everyone he knew and perhaps even by those who lives he might have touched in the future.

Those of us who remain will struggle to carry on without him and to remember his character and soul.

Larry Gadallah, VE6VQ/W7
Sammamish, WA