11/25/09 - Website Improvements

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kg7hq Wed, 11/25/2009 - 16:00

It is amazing what one can do when you get a couple of days off from work!

I have started to improve of the sites feel and look as part of a continuing effort to keep things interesting. After looking around I have pretty much settled on the usage of two themes. Unlike the last 10 months, I have made the light theme as the default instead of the dark. I have had some input to the effect that this is easier on the eyes to view. The dark theme is still in place but only as a user selection for those who have an account.

I have improved on function with the addition of animated drop down menus to select the different links on this site. This friendly approach is in alignment with today's standard site designs. Also, by having it easier to navigate, I have been able to remove the hard links in the left column to allow for easier viewing of the events calendar.

Another change is the rotating banner at the top of the pages. Now in most sites, this is used for drive by commercial ads which may or may not reflect well on the site owner or the users. I'm using this technology to allow for a freshened look which is easily updated without impact to the rest of the site fit, form or function. I'll be working with localized images to include on the rotating banner to give this site an original flavor.

I took the time to change the APRS maps back to standard displays to speed up the loading of the pages. The AIS pages were left in the satellite view as this is a little more interesting for tracking marine vessels in our local water ways.

Speaking of interesting.... Did I mention that I have added in the local and semi local amateur radio related events in the calendar. This gives you a heads up on upcoming events to plan for. After all, we all know that this is way more important than cleaning gutters, cutting grass, working..... And those endless "Honey Do's"!

Last but not least is that I have updated the amateur radio statistics numbers to 2009. Now I have to admit that I was going to leave the old in place as they were a bit stronger then what we have today. Genericly speaking, the USA numbers are slowly starting to shrink. This is a reflection of this being an old man's hobby with the view of little to no relevance to the real world. The ARRL is finally coming on board in their global communication through the official website giving a fresh look that may capture the younger generations attention. Without it and other means to communicate with the generation "X" and "Y" groups, we will see this fade even further.