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kg7hq Sun, 03/09/2014 - 16:22

The setup of a amateur radio station is a source of pride. Long hours of planning result in a creative setup which is the show piece of his or her operations.

There are as many different ways to setup a station as there are personalities in the world. Each layout is unique to its location and needs of it's operator.

My current home station setup includes the bands from 33cm through 160MTRs. I enjoy all mode operation on all bands less 1.25MTRs and 33cm. Using a desktop computer, I control the station using open source software's running on Ubuntu Linux Version 13.10 x64. I find that this enhances my amateur radio experience as I learn more about computer softwares and their developments.

I enjoy deploying both old and new technologies on my day to day operations. I enjoy the old by participating on 75MTRs using AM (A3E) in the early evenings, but also jump right onto 20MTRs and use JT65 or PSK31. Sometimes 2MTR FM is my flavor of the day or 40MTR CW to get my morse code fix. That is the neat thing about amateur over all other radio related hobbies, it's diversified.

Additional Items of Interest:

As mentioned on my home page, I have an APRS digipeater located at my house. I'm using DigiNed and APRSD on a Linksys WRL54GS using the OpenWRT/Linux operating system. This feeds a Kamtronics TNC and a FT-1500 2 MTR rig at 10 Watts. Select this link to see the location of my Digipeater on APRS . There is a lot of interest in using APRS in support of emergency communications. This can be very useful when involved in SAR operations or when tracking parades and special events. Visit the NWAPRS link located on my links page under "Amateur Radio Non-Commercial" to learn more about this facet of the hobby.

When I'm traveling and staying remote, I bring the amateur radio experience with me with a Yaesu FT-817ND QRP rig and a portable antenna system. This combined with a battery, 80 watt solar panel and a laptop or an Android tablet, allows for a wide degree of flexibility in the field or hotel room.

I also occasionally run my system on Echolink. Using my call of KG7HQ or my assigned node number of "158264" you can contact me through that medium if I'm running remote.

In addition to Amateur Radio and Open Source Software's, I enjoy taking a trip into the realms of digital photography. To see my online album, please visit my FLICKR account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/116095585@N07/