1/11/10 - Deleted FaceBook Integration

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kg7hq Mon, 01/11/2010 - 05:04

FaceBook has some serious privacy problems!

On the 10th, I had created a FaceBook account to use in conjunction with this site. My thoughts are to have a younger generation of individuals to see some stuff about amateur radio. Hey, what could be better than a social networking site?

After creating the account and filling in the basics, I first integrated it with Twitter and Drupal. This was the first step in sending out a common message into multiple mediums.

Then I set forth to lock down items for managing networks of friends. The thought is to keep professional relationships separate from personnel. In addition, I like to keep ham radio contacts in a different grouping too. To me, it makes sense to maintain these in separate networks as not to mix pleasure, personal with professional.

FaceBook had decided that an individuals privacy does not bring forth value. So all friends see everyone on your personal list.

This lack of control can and will lead to devastating effects for those who choose to cross pollinate all their contacts.

So the end result is that as quickly as I created an account on the FaceBook site, I have deleted it. This was a failed attempt in social networking as I value the privacy of all my acquaintances, not just those a corporate entity decides.

In amateur radio we are traditionally open by the nature of what we are and the medium we use. But there should be a defined boundary in which personal privacy should be respected. If you decide to use or continue to use FaceBook, please be aware of your lack of controls to maintain your personal safety online.