2010 New Year Musings

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k7ip Tue, 01/12/2010 - 05:26

It's amazing that four months have gone by since I last did project work. Bob's passing has left a pretty big hole in the Wetnet community, but that event was only one part of the whole very tumultuous last third of the year. My mother's illness and subsequent relocation pretty much eliminated project time since the end of September. I had the iron out very briefly over the weekend, basically to tin a new angled tip in preparation to get back into build mode. Project time is going to be basically from 4:30 AM to 10 on Sunday mornings, with a short hour or so break for the Wetnet North Sunday AM breakfast club at Mr. T's.

As far as the interface project goes, so much time has passed that I completely forgot that the only remaining thing to do was build cables from the box to the computer/rig. This weekend for sure, and I'm definitely going to get back on 6m meteor scatter on Sunday mornings as an adjunct to build activities.

While the 20m Softrock works very well, it is also incomplete, lacking packaging. I have the box, just haven't put the drill bit to the plastic and mounted the baby so I can just haul it out and play without clip leads and shore power.

New Year Radio Resolution:

Finish my project list, and get a permanent qth.