7/3/10 - Android and Amateur Radio

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kg7hq Sat, 07/03/2010 - 14:35

CQDX.... Via cellphone? It's not that far off....

With today's blending of technologies I have to say that I'm having a bit of fun with my new HTC Incredible currently running the Android V2.1 operating system. with the I-Phone craze moving forward, I had been watching the technology as it has expanded.

Normally, I like to have some level of separation between Amateur radio and outside technologies, but in this day of age, that is almost impossible to do. So instead of being a nay saying dinosaur, I'm slowly adapting and embarrassing new technologies.

A couple of weeks ago I had made a purchase of a HTC Incredible running the Android V2.1 OS. I really was tickled over how cool and smooth this little gem worked. And that was before I started to search and play with some of the applications.

Since I am heavily into ham radio, I wanted to find applications that would wet my taste in this area. These are what I have currently...

APRSdroid: A APRS Client that allows you to use the data or wifi network for APRS tracking. This doesn't provide a display but since I have a web browser, I can watch things that way.
Calculator: This provides me a nice calculator cutting antennas and other basic mth needs.
Callsign DB: This provides a quick look up of callsigns which can be handy when your on the move.
ConnectBot: A SSH client for working on this webpage remotely. It also has a built in Telnet client for those who like to connect to a DX Cluster.
Ham: This gives me the current solar conditions which includes information for VHF.
HamSatDroid: An AMSAT client for tracking satilites. It's very basic but nice to have.
IRLP Finder: For those interested in finding a IRPL node near them.
Pire Wheel: For the OHms and Watts Law buffs, this has been nice as a teaching and mentoring tool.
Scanner Radio: Live scanner sessions. Here in Westen Washington there is a scanner connected through the internet to listen to.
Telnet: I prefer to use this client for my DX Cluster monitoring.

Soon to come is an Echolink client. That would be one of the coolest applications to have on hand when travelling. There is a function version already for the I-Phone so I imagine the Android version should be completed soon.

Of course there are not the only applications I have as I do have other interests outside of Amateur radio. But as for this quick write up, this is a great start forward. All the above are being used as a free version. As this technology moves forward, I'm willing to bet there will be many more to play.... amuse.... Oh heck... Just have fun with!