8/27/10 - Echolink on the Android

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kg7hq Sat, 09/04/2010 - 14:49

We asked and it came! The Echolink for Android application is out and working.

I downloaded it early yesterday morning and gave it a try why out in a remote location at Pacific Beach Washington. Using it was very easy and I had found it had some extra features the windows version didn't have.

My first connection was to the Echolink Server to give a once over. I had found that the transmit levels were a bit down but while still connected, I was able to give it an additional 6db to make it sound nice.

I did find one little item that wasn't working right on my HTC Incredible. It wa the push to talk function using the camera button. This could be the Echolink Software or the Froyo 2.2 I'm using as the phone has been jail broken. So I can't say at this time is it is a real problem. I was able to use the return button to release the PTT so I'm still good to go!

Well, back off to playing! Having a smart phone that doubles as a hobby toy is prety cool!