1/17/2013 - Washington State Senate Bill 5000

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kg7hq Thu, 01/17/2013 - 11:36

Senator Jim Honeyford, 15th district, which is in Yakima County, has
introduced Senate Bill 5000 if enacted will require towers identified
in the bill to be painted and marked in a manner prescribed in the
bill. The bill is briefly described as:

“Requires certain temporary or permanent guyed towers to be
lighted, marked, and painted or
otherwise constructed to be visible in clear air during daylight
hours from a distance of not less than
two thousand feet.”

The bill is two pages in length and can be found at:


This bill affects towers over 50 feet in unincorporated areas requiring
them to be lighted, marked and painted in a specific way. The impact of
this bill, if it were to become law, would be an undue burden on
amateur radio operators with towers in rural areas.

SB 5000 was referred to the Transportation Committee on January 14th
and the committee meets on January 24th.

Please read the bill and then share your comments with the
Transportation Committee Chair, Representative Judy Clibborn of the
41st District in King County. Her e-mail is Judy.Clibborne(a)
leg.wa.gov. Also, send your comments to your local state
representative/senator. This link will help you help you to quickly
contact them:


Your support is very important to the amateur radio community and you
taking your time to share your thoughts with your legislators is valued
and appreciated.


ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, K2MLS