4/4/09 - Communicating: A Dead Art Within Amateur Radio

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kg7hq Sat, 04/04/2009 - 12:13

In the world of communications, Amateur Radio has played a major role towards the technologies we enjoy today. In addition, it has also contributed towards how the surrounding communications community conducts itself. The orderly fashion in which ham operators handle emergent situations in less than favorable conditions is still looked upon as the premier model to emulate.

But with that said, WE SUCK AS COMUNICATORS. I'm watching us self destruct one opportunity after another. We cry that the younger generation looks at us as a bunch of old fogies and yet we refuse to use the tools that they use to draw them in. You say that I'm a nay sayer? Lets look at it a bit closer....

How many clubs have active members that are 35 years or less in age? Better yet, what are those percentages? If it is less than 45%, your organization is dying fast. I listen to complaints that Amateur Radio Clubs can't get anyone young inspired, yet those very same clubs go out of their way to be non-inspirational.

The younger generations following us really do want to get involved but we old timers can't seem to get it through our thick skulls that we need to embrace the technologies of today to do it. Hey you!!!! Look at how you communicate!

A typical club answer is “Lets do a website”. That is a great first step. And I do mean that fully. But as long as your going to do this, ask yourself this.... “What is my core mission that will inspire new and younger members?” Take a look at your 1995 styled pages with the cartoon animated .gif files, grainy graphics and funny sounding midi files. Now that will inspire someone young to stay and read your content... "NOT" It screams “Non-Valued Old Persons Lame Website”.

Remember the lessons of past that were taught to us. The first impression is the lasting impression. Maybe you have a club with leaders and members that are too good to be bothered with the effort. Maybe it is something to the effect that none of your current population has the knowledge to create and maintain a value added site. Then it just maybe you already had talent that you drove away because you didn't want to embrace new concepts. There are a million and one reasons for your current state and everyone can dwell on it while beating the dead horse. I have a suggestion, pull the cranium from the posterior, put your egos away and honestly get those with talent engaged.

Another club answer is to email. This is another good option if done properly. Do you have a stable club email address? Or is it Joe Snuffy's address because he was the only one roped into it? Better yet, how about a reflector that members can subscribe to. This way members can post and others outside can read and be drawn in. Hmmm, Geee, what a concept.

Hey there Mr/Mrs/Miss Club Editor!!! Are you reading this? Better than some club newsletter, why don't you have an online blog which allows the world to see what your organization brings forth? This can be hosted on your cartoon website (after you bring it up to todays standards) as an open means of engaging not only your members, but the very population that has escaped your ranks.

I really can go on and on tearing and embarrassing those who feel they are above all of this. After all, it is just a dieing hobby of old farts who can't be bothered. It's the very same ones who cry in their coffee's at the meetings and push away the younger talents who can make that difference. It's those who want the world but they themselves never contribute to it.

How did this write up start?

Communicating: A Dead Art Within Amateur Radio.... Rest in Peace for we are now Dead on Arrival.