4/14/09 - Let's do The Stanwood/Camino Island Hamfest!

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kg7hq Tue, 04/14/2009 - 13:09

We are coming up on that time of year!!!

Yes, I'm talking about the Stanwood/Camino Island Hamfest. This event captures the very essence of amateur radio with friends and family coming together in a common place. I'm not talking about the worlds biggest event..... Nope.... This is the home town event which maintains a consistent personality year after year.

Here, a person can feel at ease as you browse the tables and chat with friends abroad. It's hard to capture in words the charm of this event. So I'll do one better.....

Get on over here and join us!

Don't tell me you don't know where it is being held at? Or even when??
This event takes place on May 9, 2009. For directions, please see the attached .pdf file.

I know you don't want to miss out on the fun.... So I'll see you there!

Michael - KG7HQ

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