4/19/09 - Linuxfest Northwest

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kg7hq Sun, 04/19/2009 - 05:07

It's coming up fast on April 25th & 26th.... "If you live in a house full of Windowz, You may not have the privacy you think!"

This annual event in Bellingham Washington is a great opportunity to learn about the Linux operating system. Individuals from many of the major vendor distrubutions will be there to answer your questions about this type of operating system.

Many of you already have experienced Linux in devices you use and own. Items from cellphones to lottery kiosks, PDA's to home wifi/routers units. Yes it is everywhere and best of all.... It's open sourced.

This means if you want to drive into things, you can contribute to the worldwide development without some monster software manufacturer slamming you with a law suit. Likewise, you can "Legally" share these software's without penalty!

Interested in expanding your horizons? Please take a little time and visit this free learning event. Visit the Linux Northwest Website for directions and information.