4/21/09 - Lastest Information on the N7GDE/R (145.190)

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kg7hq Tue, 04/21/2009 - 02:11

After waiting patiently for the winter season to pass, the Radio Amateurs of Skagit County technical team gets ready to tackle the left over repeater issues.

Please note that RASC is fully aware of the concerns around the repeater status. Questions about the system have been forwarded to me and I have communicated this with the Leadership of the club. Like yourselves, they are looking forward to having the site back up to it's original plus status.

The snows are slowly melting off of Lyman Hill and the team has been busy. Winter has provided some time to gather and upgrade existing resources in preparation of the upcoming on site work parties. The team lead by Roger (W6TOZ) will embark on the next steps to resolving the performance issues of the site.,/p>

A recent email from Roger indicated that, with concurrence from Day Wireless (The site host), there will be work with the antenna and transmission line system. As currently mounted, the radiation is distorted and absorbed into the south face of the supporting tower. This has been emphasised by the placing of the upper support which drew the antenna in towards the structure last fall. The support is in place to protect the antenna from the heavy mountain top winds and ice build up.

The N7GDE/R antenna is mounted in the center of the tower as shown in the photo. This resides on the South face of the tower which creates a shadow towards the North into British Columbia, Canada.

The old site equipment has been in work with updates and tuning by the team during the course of the winters season. This should provide for quick turn arounds when the site experiences failures in the future.