5/1/09 - We are on a New Server!

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kg7hq Fri, 05/01/2009 - 14:33

We can build it better... faster... Stronger... Nope, this isn't the 6 million dollar man. It is the new server for wetnet.net.

Yes it is true. As of this morning Ken (N7IPB) replaced the server that contains this site. With it, we should experience excellent reliability and usability well into the future. It is an exciting time as this fits right into the rest of the upgrades we have been doing in form and function to the websites supported here.

Here is the break down quoting Ken from earlier today...
Basic specs: IBM X-335
Dual XEON CPU's @ 2.4Ghz
Two 36GB 10K SCSI drives in a RAID 1 configuration
Two 320GB 7200 RPM SATA drives - RAID 1 (on a 3ware 9000 Controller donated by

We're running the same basic software as the old system, OpenSuSE 11.1
stripped down a bit.

XMPP/Jabber - Openfire server
BIND - DNS Server
Postfix - email
Mailman - mailing lists
Dovecot - imap/pop3
apache2 - web servere
Drupal - wetnet.net and kg7hq.wetnet.net

So thre it is. Now we are not screaming super high end but a nice reliable system to host our activities. Many thanks to the wetnet.net group and Isomedia for hosting this system.