5/7/09 - SB649: Government Audit of Frequency Spectrum

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kg7hq Thu, 05/07/2009 - 12:04

There is a Senate bill SB649 "Radio Spectrum Inventory Act" introduced by Kerry and Snowe which will, if passed, require the government to conduct a complete inventory of the country's spectrum allocations in the 300MHz - 3.5GHz range.

This appears to be an attempt to assess re-allocation for certain commercial applications, and has the active support of Google and the wireless telecommunications industry. The bill is presently in the Commerce committee.

NOTE from KG7HQ: A copy of the bill has been uploaded as a down loadable attachment from this site. To see the original copy please visit http://www.kangas.com/S649.pdf

The 3.5 GHz band is allocated to amateurs as such:
3300-3500 MHz:
3456.3-3456.4 Propagation beacons

So, the question is: anyone out there care if hams lose this?
How many hams are using this band in our neck of the woods? Any repeaters or beacons installed? How many hams actually using this band frequently? How many hams currently own equipment for it?

Notice also that 432MHz and 1.2GHz bands will be scrutinized also. I can't imagine ham use of 70cm band being threatened, given the heavy use and ARES importance there; 1.2GHz may be a different story.

Stephen W9SK
District Legislative Action Coordinator, Northwest District, ARRL,

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